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Babcock Elementary

Setting the Standard for Academic Excellence

Babcock Elementary

Setting the Standard for Academic Excellence

Policy and Dress Code

Babcock School Policy

Babcock School Policy

  • All breakfast and lunch food will be eaten in the cafeteria and not be taken to the blacktop, or discarded before leaving the cafeteria.
  • Snacks from home are only allowed at first recess and must be enjoyed sitting down.
  • Sodas and Gum are not allowed at school.
  • No food is allowed to be shared at any time.
  • Celebratory food must be store bought and eaten outside during the last recess. They must be delivered to the office with prior notice to the classroom teacher. Candles, balloons, gift bags, etc., should be saved for home celebrations.

Toys and Equipment:
  • No toys allowed from home at any time. (Fidget toys included)
  • Personal sports equipment should be left at home. We have plenty at school for everyone to use.

  • Phones are left inside backpacks and powered off at all times.
  • Phones are not allowed to be taken out and turned on until outside the gate at dismissal time.
  • Phones brought to school are the owner’s responsibility, and staff will not be held responsible for lost or stolen phones. The owner of the phone may also be responsible for actions involving the phone.
  • Tik tok is not an approved app for school.
  • 1st infraction=warning, 2nd=phone confiscation by teacher, 3rd=parent pick up from office at the end of the day (admin calls parent).
Dress Code

Dress Code

Appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a productive learning environment. Student dress policy is intended to create a positive school climate of respect for self and others. Appropriate dress and appearance projects a positive image of seriousness and reflects respect for teaching and learning. Being mindful of one’s appearance is preparation for future school, work and career success.

  • Tops, shirts, and blouses must not have spaghetti straps. All clothing worn by students MUST cover the student’s body and not reveal undergarments including spaghetti strap tank tops. A sweatshirt or cover sweater may be worn in class with these items.  

  • Shorts and skirts must be longer than fingertips length when arms are to the side as well as undergarments and midriffs must not be shown. No tank top undershirts. These guidelines apply to both male and female students.

  • All clothing must be school appropriate. Any clothing promoting violence, drugs, alcohol, sexual connotation, disparaging remarks, vulgarity or affiliation with illegal groups shall not be worn to school.This is to include messages written on bags, backpacks and purses.

  • Hats may be worn while outside of school buildings and must be appropriate for school.  

  • Closed backed shoes and closed toed shoes are prefered especially for P.E.

  • No cosmetics.  If artificial nails are worn, please make sure they do not hinder or distract the student or others from their education. Cosmetics including nail polish are not to be brought to school. 

  • If wearing ripped jeans, and staff determines it is too revealing based on the standards we use for length of shorts (refer to #2 above).

  • If jewelry is worn no large hoops will be allowed for student safety.   

  • Babcock Elementary staff reserve the right to confiscate items which may be inappropriate or violate the dress code. Parents/Guardians may be required to meet with administration prior to release of confiscated items.
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